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Kenya Trip 2020
What is Kenya 2020?The trip is being run by Lewisham District Scouts and we will be working alongside the Harambee For Kenya charity that runs 2 safe houses for ‘street kids’. These safe houses offer food, a safe place, a bed, clean clothes, an education and a chance to gain self-respect again. Most of these children have been orphaned or abandoned because their families can’t afford to feed them, abused and beaten on the streets, are starving and forced to do unspeakable things for a little bit of food and many become hooked on sniffing glue. The conditions they live in are appalling and it is a struggle to survive from day to day.This trip will not only be a chance for our young people to enrich the lives of these street kids but it will be a life-changing experience for them. 

Who's going to Kenya 2020? 8 young people from First New Cross (The Greys) Scout Group and Golden Hind Explorer Scout Unit and 1 adult leader. They will be among a group of 70 people taking …

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